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bringing the groove to LGBTQ+ Love

Your support ensures our 360° camera footage, framed with our logos and anti-bullying message, spreads our mission far and wide

Make a difference today: Combat bullying and suicide rates with your support!



Get ready to groove with a disco diva as we bring the ultimate party experience to the LGBTQ+ community, captured in a mesmerizing 360-degree camera angle. Our booth promises a fun and engaging way to foster teamwork and raise awareness. Whether in groups or as individuals, runners and families will proudly display their participation medals alongside uplifting messages like “Bullying is not cool!”. from your company and our event.Together, we'll promote a jubilant celebration of our theme: "Stride for Change: Miles for Kindness, Fighting Bullying with Every Step!"

Located at the heart of the south steps, this booth serves as a hub for raising awareness in our ongoing fight against bullying. Here, participants become allies and stand up against bullying, promoting a culture of kindness and inclusivity.

But the magic doesn't stop there. With the speed of light, media from this booth will instantly reach participants through wireless service AirDrop or a shareable link, allowing for easy sharing on social media platforms.

The footage captured from this exhilarating 360-degree camera angle will be adorned with a frame featuring our logo, your business logo, and our collaborative message against bullying. We're excited to join forces in creating this message together.

With statistics revealing that one in five kids has experienced bullying in the USA, and with Utah's youth suicide rate ranking among the highest in the nation, the urgency of our mission cannot be overstated. In Utah specifically, bullying is a significant issue with tragic consequences, including suicide. However, by uniting our efforts at this booth, we can make a tangible difference. Together, our outreach knows no bounds. Let's stand together and make a meaningful impact against bullying and suicide rates.

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