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galloping towards equality

Your name in the spotlight: Join us on the stage banner

Empowerment in action: Become the Finish Line Festival Sponsor



The other day, I received a heartfelt call from my mom. "I've decided to walk in your Pride Run," she said, her voice filled with both nerves and excitement. "I'm eager to train for it and support your dreams." My mom's decision mirrors the stories of countless allies eagerly preparing for this event. They're not just training their bodies for physical strength and resilience; they're also preparing to join a celebration dedicated to movement, kindness, and the core values of diversity, inclusion, and equality.

It's at this pivotal stage that we'll celebrate them as agents of change. Our stage, situated east of the Utah State Capitol south steps, will serve as the centerpiece of our Finish Line Festival. We'll kick off the festivities with our lululemon award ceremony, recognizing the top three runners in each category. Following that, our stage will come alive with the vibrant performances of our four local drag queen superstars.

This stage epitomizes the essence of our event—galloping towards equality, with our Rainbow-Riding Unicorn Allies proudly represented in the stage racer title banner. We'll proudly acknowledge your support in elevating the artistic expression of this event and your dedication to joining our cause. Together, we're providing inclusive platforms that celebrate individuality, empower self-expression, and foster movement. Additionally, our professional photographers and video makers will capture the essence of this festival, providing exclusive footage for your business to showcase your involvement and support. Join us in making a difference!

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