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making queer dreams reality, one sequin at a time

Step into the spotlight: Sponsor a Drag Queen Icon and watch your brand shine at our Finish Line Festival!

Empower the queens: Sponsorship includes a scholarship to a queen, ensuring your brand values are celebrated on stage alongside their captivating performances.



Our Fab Funders, esteemed supporters who truly understand and appreciate the profound impact of art and self-expression within our LGBTQ+ community, recognize the invaluable contribution of our local drag queen performers. At the heart of their craft lies the essence of queer expression—a vibrant, dynamic verb that celebrates the authenticity of our true selves. As RuPaul famously said, "We're all born naked, and the rest is Drag."

Our talented Drag Queens work tirelessly to unite our LGBTQ+ community and instill a powerful sense of empowerment through their artistry. They serve as beacons of creativity, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and resilience.

For our Fab Funders, we offer a unique opportunity to collaborate directly with a sponsored queen. This queen will take center stage as part of the lineup entertainment at our Finish Line Festival—an electrifying celebration of the incredible dedication, perseverance, and preparation of our runners for this Pride Run event. 

We envision our sponsors' brands and values seamlessly integrated into the captivating performances and art of our Drag Queens. Picture a superstar drag queen icon proudly representing your brand—what would she wear? How would she embody your message of diversity and inclusion? The possibilities are as limitless as they are thrilling. Rest assured, we will work closely with both you and our local queen to ensure your creative vision shines brightly.

Your donation will be dedicated to funding a scholarship for our Queen, supporting her in refining her artistry and enriching our community with her talent.

The lineup not only showcases your company's commitment to supporting and uplifting our local queer artists but also serves as a beacon of solidarity and acceptance. It provides a platform for colorful, unapologetic artistic expression, empowering individuals to embrace their true selves and make their queer dreams a reality—one sequin at a time.

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