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Join us in amplifying voices: Your support powers our Kindness Booth

Make your mark: Your logo showcased on our Kindness Booth banner speaks volumes.

Together, let's create a ripple effect of empathy and understanding.



At the South Step of the Utah State Capitol, our Kindness Booth awaits, ready to spread love, acceptance, and support through unique, relatable stories. Each narrative creates a ripple effect, fostering transformation within our community.  Here, our co-host, the vibrant local Drag Queen Zoe Zigman Stephens, will conduct heartfelt interviews with individuals seeking to share their unique expressions of love. Against the backdrop of our race logo, symbolizing the vibrant pride movement in our city, this booth promises to be a beacon of positivity and connection.

We invite you to partner with us and lend your brand's voice to this impactful initiative. We are seeking two Love Gurus Sponsors, whose mission aligns with spreading words of encouragement and fostering a sense of belonging. As a sponsor, your contribution will be prominently acknowledged by our co-host, ensuring your brand receives the recognition it deserves. Additionally, the interviews conducted will be professionally filmed and provided to you as exclusive footage.

Recently, a participant runner shared a touching story with us—one that resonates deeply within our community. She spoke of her sister's struggle to understand and support her queer child. For her, participating in our event is not just about running; it's about advocating for her niece and raising awareness of kindness and acceptance. Her niece represents the 75% of queer youth surveyed who lack support and understanding, often feeling the need to relocate to other states to "fit in" with more accepting societies. It's for them that we stand united. These are the stories that fuel our commitment to creating a more inclusive state.

In our Kindness Booth, we aim to amplify these voices and forge connections that inspire empathy and understanding. Each narrative creates a ripple effect, fostering transformation within our community. Your logo will be prominently featured on the Kindness Booth banner, symbolizing your commitment to this impactful initiative.

Bee our Love Guru Sponsor and join us in amplifying voices, forging connections, and igniting change.

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