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  • What is the distance of a 5k?
    Only 3.1 miles? Piece of cake! You've totally got this
  • What is the start time
    Be ready to start your engines, @8AM Runners!!
  • Can I walk it?
    Of Course precious! All abilities are welcome. You can walk, jog, run, or race. Have in mind the course limit time is 2hr 22 min. We also suggest that walkers and slower participants consider using a fanny pack that accommodates a water bottle and snacks. Your Lululemon race water bottle will be the perfect option!
  • Can I wear headphones while running?
    Certainly!Headphones are allowed during the run. Great beats can help you to power through! However, to ensure the safety of everyone on the course, we kindly request that runners keep the volume of their music low or use only one headphone in the right ear. It's important to keep your left ear open to hear alerts from runners passing on your left side.
  • Packet Collection date and location?
    Packet collection will take place on Saturday, June 22nd, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, at Mcycle Studios, 355 West 400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah. Runners will receive their race packets containing race numbers, lululemon water bottle, and important race details. Late registration will also be available, offering one final opportunity for runners to register for Sunday's race. Please be aware: There will be no packet pickup on race day! xoxo
  • Are walkers and wheelchair/hand cycles permitted?
    Yes, walkers, Wheelchairs and hand cycles are allowed. We are excited for everyone to join the mvmt.
  • What are the time limits to complete the Run?
    2 hours 22 minutes. Start getting more steps from today boo! You got this!
  • Will finishers receive a medal?
    ABSOLUTELY!! YOU DID THAT! You ran miles for kindness and you believed in yourself! You absolutely deserve a finisher and believer medal! And it’s a cute one too!
  • Is the course a Boston Qualifier?
    No, babe! Eventually!
  • If a participant is unable to pick up their packet at Mcycle Studios, can someone else pick it up for them?
    Yup, they will need to bring a copy of the participant’s photo ID and an email or screen shot of the registration confirmation. Copies of both can be shown via mobile device or a print out is fine too.
  • Are strollers allowed on the course?
    Please! We want your whole family to join the movement! We love and encourage early involvement in fitness for children. Participants using strollers are kindly asked to begin at the back to be considerate of those without strollers. Help for the stair section at the finish line will be offered by our amazing lovers and believers that are assisting heartfully to make the magic of this event to happen!
  • Are there timing chips and race numbers?
    No this year my love! Only race numbers :)
  • "Is it possible to receive a refund in case I can't participate?
    Unfortunately no! We will miss you for sure!! But the setú organization does not offer refunds under any circumstances – without exceptions.
  • Will portable bathrooms be on the course?
    Nope! Public restrooms will be open for the event at the East of the Capitol Building. Click here to see the map
  • Are dogs allowed on course?
    Only service dogs with proper certification are permitted on course. But no other dogs are allowed for the safety and comfort of all participants. Family pets without official service designation and training should remain at home and join in the celebration after your run. Sorry!
  • When does online registration close?
    Ooff if you are running late, no worries! Online registration will close at midnight Friday June 21st, the day before the pick up package. All athletes must pick up their packets at Mcycle Studios on Saturday June 22nd.
  • What are the entry deadlines?
    So… after online registration is closed you still have one last chance to register for the run! This will be on pick-up package date. Saturday June 22nd from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, at 355 West 400 South, Salt Lake City, Ut. THERE WILL BE NO RACE-DAY REGISTRATION, HUNNY!
  • Can I run the 5k course without registering?
    No amor! Anyone on the course who is not clearly displaying an official run bib will be directed off the course immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Can I transfer my registration to another person?
    No baby! You cannot transfer your registration to another person.
  • Is the RUN hilly?
    It is definitely a great run challenge but not bad at all!! We recommend you to check our course map again to check the hill profile! Course map here
  • How many aid stations and what type of fluid replacements are offered?
    There will be 1 aid and water station at the end of the run. Bring your water bottle and enjoy delicious food from our food truck. There is also a water fountain at the East Building entrance of the Capitol. This space has been allowed to use for the event specifics!
  • Is there any post-race medical attention?
    We hope no to need their appreciable help but there will be medical support at the start line, finish area. What kind of food and drinks are at the finish line? Where is the finish line festival? There will be bottled water, fresh fruit, The refreshment area will be closed to participants only and is located at the end of the finish line. The finish line festival is at the South Steps at the Capitol. The Festival goes till 10.45AM! It’s going to be so colorful and fun! Stay to celebrate our community!
  • Will gear check be available?
    Unfortunately no. :(
  • If I am unable to participate, can I get a refund?
    No, sorry boo!

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